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i didn’t know if i should bother saying anything on this blog about why i left and moved blogs so suddenly, but in the end i thought it was probably polite, so i logged in after a week and here we are.

i’m moving because there are certain realisations i’ve come to and this blog has just become a generally unhappy place for me. i decided it was time for a change of scenery. i’m not giving out my new url in a post because that defeats the object (and i don’t think all 1500 of you really want to follow me anyway so this is basically your chance to escape) but if you want to keep in touch, you can send me a message. i’ve been on my new blog for a week and it’s been great. all the stress this blog has attached has gone which has had a surprising impact on my real life, and i’ve actually learnt a surprising amount about myself and other people.

so to summarise, if you want to keep in touch, message me. if not, it’s been golden, and see you in another life, brotha~

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“Sometimes there will be a line in the script and I just can’t imagine saying it. I’ll ask an American and they’ll say, “Oh, yeah. That’s how we say it.” We just say things differently in Australia - like torch. I’d ask, “Can I have the torch?” It seems to fall flat when I say, “Can I have the flashlight?”

"I’ve never seen such a thing," highway patrol lieutenant Eiichiro Kamitani told AFP news agency. "Ferraris rarely travel in such large numbers."

is it bad how much i’m laughing

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how is it only 2.23

i’m so hungry

and tired


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got my sick note

sent about a hundred emails

my mum just took my coursework that was due today to the post office

now i just need to write a list of everything i need to get when i go back and we’ll be done

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kingeomer replied to your post: in brighter news i know what i’m getting amanda for christmas.

btw do you like gummy sweets? like haribo type stuff?

of course :33

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in brighter news i know what i’m getting amanda for christmas.

i need to pick it up next week when i go to pick up my stuff from university

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a personal post:

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next weeks black mirror looks so good

fucking brooker

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